Dirty One Direction imagines


One Shot - “Party? Party.” 

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You're perfection. Ok Lav ya, bye. *gives you a flower and runs away awkwardly*

Hi I really love this account! It's super sexy๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’‹ I was wondering is this all work by you, or is there other admins helping you?

just me :) that’s why I rarely post stuff.. :o

Dont listen to those bad messages ur blog is great even if u dont make them i love your blog just concetrate on the good messages I LOVE YOU!! Forget dey haters there nothing your not stealing the imagines again ily<3

tk uu :D xx

Is your first language Spanish or something? You speak very loose English. (By the way I didn't go through your account to see if you've answered this before, so keep your attitude to yourself.)

I’m Portuguese, so… If you think I speak loose english you should see the people from my class…

I just read the message. They aren't brave enough if they did that anon. Your not stealing other people's imagines. They're great

thank you! But maybe the person that sent me that imagine also did send to other people, i don’t know :s it can be , But I NEVER, NEVER stole nothing from other people’s blogs! But I came across a blog that were stealing my imagines once, yes..

Hi!!! I just started following you and like I already love your imagines!!! There so awesome!!! And I read a couple of people's stuff where they were rude. Just ignore them.... Your really awesome and your answers to people make me laugh. :)

thank you :3