Dirty One Direction imagines

Could you do another Niall one?

yes,! , not today tho , and I will stop answer this type of questions! I will make imagines of all the boys, ok? .. (do I really have to make a faq page?)  ;/

Could you please do a Zayn imagine? Btw, I love your blog. <3

yes, and thank you ! xx

Niall and nutella

haha :3 imagine <3

which one of the boys do you think likes creepy stuff in sex lol

hum Liam 

Honesty Hour. No questions are deleted. Nothing is off limits. Ask me anything.

Harry and you are best friends... but one night, he whispers at yoou, i want you to suck me. Later, that night. harry and you fuck all night.

Simple, but effective! xx

hi:) i love your imagines but don't listen to the people telling you to post them like 24/7, you post them when you want to xx

thank you for understanding! xx

Can you do one about paul? I think all of us here want's a sexy paul imagine. One where he is in sweaty clothes and his hair is everywhere, cause paul is sex.

omg no. just no..