Dirty One Direction imagines

Harry Styles dirty imagine 


You got to spend a day with your boyfriend Harry, (…) and you’re at his hotel room listening to music, talking and laughing. Your ipod is on shuffle, One Direction’s version of You Are So Beautiful starts playing, and Harry starts to sing it to you. You can’t resist the temptation of moving closer to kiss him. You start making out, and every second gets more intense. Your hand go through his hair, while his hands are touching your hips and back. He starts kissing your neck and you whisper ”I want you so badly” in his ear, and he  moves his hand toward your hips to pull you closer. You can feel him growing against your thigh. He takes his shirt off, then yours, and he lays you down the couch and you continue to make out intensely with your legs around his waist. He puts his hand inside your pants and starts rubbing your clit through your panties. You moan, and you feel that he is really hard. Now it’s your turn to play with him, so you put your hand in his pants and start to play with The Styles. After a while, he lifts you up and goes to the bedroom, throws you on the bed and takes his clothes off, and you decide to do the same. You are both kissing on the bed, and you say ”you know what I want”. He smiles and penetrates you, and you both scream orgasmically. After you both orgasm, you lay in his chest and fall asleep to his heartbeat.

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